MTGP a Branch of North Vietnamese Communist

It is clearly known that the north Vietnam communist group had organized the southern territorial committee called Mặt Trận Giải Phóng Miền Nam or MTGP, and it was headed by Lê Duẩn.

Lê Đức Thọ was Lê Duẩn chief assistant, together they organised guerrilla attacks and sabotage. Ho Chi Minh was an international communist who always took orders from USSR and China. In the early months of 1946, Ho was campaigning with France for his goal that was under series of operations. The March 06, 1946 Accord had been signed by Ho Chi Minh and Jean Sainteny, the France Ambassador to Vietnam, at which time the Paris government was controlled by the Communist and Socialist Parties. One of the Accord agreement is an unification of three parts (Bắc, Trung, Nam kỳ), and that means Vietnam from north to south would be under communist regime, systematically a puppet controlled by the USSR.

Ho Chi Minh had been in France from June to September for the Accord motivation. He was wishing the leftist parties still in control so the March 06 would be implemented, but unfortunately for him, the Popular Republican Movement headed by Gorges Bildault won the election on June 2,1946.

Ho refused to give up his role in Vietnam and Indochina that was spreading communist propaganda to achieve his ultimate goal which was a forced authoritarian regime. France had declared war with North Vietnam on September 1946, just before he left the country. There were high ranking French officials who advised Ho not to fight, but with no result. The first Indochina war was officially begun on December 19, 1946 by France with the significant aids from the United States. This was the war of ideology that was misunderstood because of communist propaganda internationally.

The MTGP had been established secretly in the early 1940s, and it was said of numerous clandestine activities throughout the southern land. Ho Chi Minh’s letter on December 20, 1946 had called people for the resistance claiming French come back for “a second colonial establishment.” People including those patriots were ignorant of what going on outside of Vietnam; many sneaked out to the north and left behind their own families.

Bút Sử

Source: Anatomy of A nightmare, Philip Shorts, 2004

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