Professor Bernard Fall Said about Ho Chi Minh

Professor Fall was interviewed by Walter Cronkite before his death in Vietnam in 1967. He said someone says Ho is extremely responded conscious, 24 hours per day acts. His associates were executed, at least he allowed the executions but kept from a distance. Fantastic performances!

One of his famous orders was the execution of Ms. Nguyen Thị Nam (Cat Hanh Long), who was a successful businesswoman, to make her an example of a landowner. Nam had contributed a lot of gold and money to Ho’s group and her two sons to the revolution.

When the Land Reform was developing in 1953, Ms. Nam’s patriotism turned into betrayal. The Party accused her of “a deceitful person who aimed to cringe to a higher revolutionary rank to sabotage.” She was the first landowner to be executed in front of thousands.

According to Tran Dinh’s book, Den Cu, the author had been a Nhan Dan’s reporter and was promoted by Truong Chinh to write about the tribunal. Tran Dinh acknowledged that Ho Chi Minh fastened the fake bushy beard and Truong Chinh wore dark sunglasses, and they both presented at Ms. Nam funeral in a secret manner.

Fantastic performance, as Bernard Fall said!

Bút Sử

Sources: Film by Walter Cronkite; Den Cu, Tran Dinh.

Bernard B. Fall.JPG
Bernard B Fall
internet photo 

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